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Web site design and management for actors and performers

Actors & Performers:

Actorpage option:

For those just starting out in this industry, those on tight budgets or for those who are not sure if a web site is right for them at the moment, and want to try a tester, we offer a single page option which is hosted as part of this web site. This option will show prospective visitors to your page all they need to see your talents, Head shot, Show Reel, link to your Spotlight page (or similar online profile if required), Agent details and contact info, including a unique email address. Once your page is up and running, you only need send out your page link to casting directors, producers, agents etc, and everything they require is there for them. All pages come in both desktop and mobile versions.

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Tim Paley

Marie Rae

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Full Web Site Option:

For the more established actors or those ready to advance from an actorpage, we offer a full web site design and hosting service. We design, build and provide hosting for your web site which will include all the usual features, head Shot, Show Reel, Agent details, Biography but with added features such as a photo gallery, social media feeds, other media in addition to your show reel, Voice Reel, a news page, or what ever your requirements may be. This can be from as few as two pages to as many as you require, usually four or five are plenty. You also have a unique domain name, i.e,, up to three email address and regular updates if required, such as bio, additional images etc. All web sites come in both desktop and mobile versions.

NEW: Nominet have released a selection of new domain names including .actor, so you may have, if available.

If you already have your domain name, not a problem, we can manage that too by simply diverting the domain name to our hosting provider or transferring the domain completely.

So, how much does it cost?

Actorpages start at just £30, normally £40, that’s designed and running, then just £25 annual hosting per year there after.

Full Web sites start from as little as £80 for a two page site with a domain. .com or other domains may vary. For more information of costs and setup, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE to discuss your requirements

We don’t use standard templates, each site is based around you and your individual requirements. If you have an idea in mind, we can try an replicate it.

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