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"One of the most important marketing tools that an actor can have is a website.   Your website will serve as a tool to help you network as well as promote your brand as an artist."
"Having a headshot, resume, and reel is only part of the marketing equation for modern actors. More and more of casting is on the internet. And having a hub with all of your materials is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity."
For more helpful guidance on websites or not sure if you need one, take a look at our 'Website InSite' page
"Online world is like a city, and you need to be hanging around there, making connections just like you would in a real world.
If you want to optimize your web presence so that when someone enters your name in Google they are able to get all the necessary information about you without having to spend a long time researching, you need a platform for that."

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What our clients say...

"I know a casting director who went to see a play and was blown away by one of the leads. He was perfect for something she was currently casting. She took home the playbill, but his bio didn’t include a website. Determined, she googled his name looking for a website or some way to contact him.
But she never found it. And the actor missed a great opportunity."
Syd Saeed (Psychic Medium)
"Absolute awesome service Tim is truly the best at what he does and a real kind caring and very caring gent too. I would give 10 stars if I could.
Keep up the great work my friend. Really happy!"
Mary Margaret Lyons (Actor)
"Tim is so professional, and his turn-around time is amazing. Everything, every link is in one place. Love it!"
Philip Mulhern (Actor)
"Outstanding service with fantastic communication.Highly recommended to any actor wanting an excellent service. 10/10"
Joanne Venet (Actor)
"I can't fault Actor Page. What a wonderful tool for actors to show themselves with a professional page expertly made for them. I have needed credits added or a change of agent. Actor page has responded rapidly to ensure my update request is fulfilled. An excellent service."
Kurtis L Perrigo (Artist)
"Great job Tim . You're a star.
keep up the good work."
So why Actorpage when there are so many other 'free' alternatives?
As a fellow actor I know how precious your time is, scouring the castings for opportunities, auditions, readings, learning lines, researching characters, it all takes time, precious time. But I am not in the business of trying to compete with other web builders or free sites like Weebley, Wix or similar, I think they are a great tool and can be an asset to for those that choose to use them, and I will even offer free advice to those that do and are struggling. No, I offer my services to those who may not be tech minded, web savvy or as outlined above, too busy being an actor to get a site on-line and more importantly, keep it up to date. Basically I take the hassle away from you and manage the site on your behalf. All you need to do to update a site or a page is email the changes and it's done, usually within a few hours.

I'm an actor but not sure if a website is right for me!
We can help with that too. Setting up a website can be a big outlay for someone just starting out or on a limited budget.
Our Actorpage option offers a basic web profile, usually one page with no outlay for a domain name or a hosting package, it's all in the initial fee which includes setup and 12 months hosting. After that time you can either renew for another year, upgrade to a full web site or simply let it go, no obligation whatsoever. See our Actor Page Profile" option for more.

Not an actor but still need a website?
No problem! As our name might suggest, we deal primarily in offering actors and performers a web presence. However, we also provide our services to creatives, small businesses, new start-ups, hobbyists or sole traders. I have clients who are more than happy with the service I provide. Choose the "None Actor Web Site" option below to view some of my clients
Our Services

Although primarily aimed at actors, artist, performers or creatives who may be just starting in their careers or haven't yet taken the plunge into owning a website. We also provide websites for small businesses, new start ups or hobbyists too.

For any actor, artist or creative in this day and age, a web presence is essential, it’s your shop window. More and more people be they customers, clients casting directors, producers or agents would much prefer to view your details on line. Very few if any, recommend sending in letters or DVD’s through the post these days, why?because It makes their lives a lot easier, and lets face it, ours too. No more printing out reams of letters, burning DVD’s, splashing out for posting, it’s all done on-line. Just include your web site URL in your email signature and they have all that they need at their fingertips.

We provide a fast, efficient cost effective personal website design and management service allowing you the time to do what you do best, taking away the hassle, fuss and stress that goes along with designing and building your own website.

Our Services:
We offer three different type of packages to suite your needs and budget
A single page profile from £35
Includes Design, Setup & Hosting
(then £25 pa with no obligation)
Single Page
Agent & Contact
External Links
3 Free Updates per year
Actors & Creatives Webiste
Actors & Creatives Webiste
From £100
Includes Design, Setup, Hosting,
( then £25 p/y & Bi-Annual Domain
Renewal, no obligation)
Upto 5 Pages
Showreel / Voicereel
Biography, CV
Agent & Contact info
Gallery / Media
5 Free Updates per year
Small Business or Hobbyist
Small Business or Hobbyist
From £100
Includes Design, Setup, Hosting,
( then £25 p/y & Bi-Annual Domain
Renewal, no obligation)
Upto 5 Pages
Showreel / Voicereel
Biography, Portfolio
Gallery / Media
5 Free Updates per year
Social Links / Feeds
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