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Hello. I'm Tim and like many actors when starting out, and I'm going back 20+ years, I found it very difficult to fund my profession,  Spotlight fees, casting site fees, union fees, travel costs to and from castings, self promotion, money was tight, really tight. As digital was beginning to explode and casting directors, agents and film companies were turning away from paper CV's VHS or DVD show reels, they began to to turn more and more towards online viewing and away from hard copy.

Gone were the days of printing off CV's, spending ££'s on postage, envelopes and printing. Trying to run off copies of your VHS showreel on your mums VHS player or burning off dozens of DVD's on your mates PC to send out to as many casting directors, agents or production companies as you could think off and none of whom hardly ever replied or even acknowledged you. Times were a changing.

I really needed a website, but how? I simply couldn't afford in excess of £500 to pay someone to do it. So, having had a basic tech knowledge, I decided build do my own.

Using a very basic, but more importantly, free program, I did just that. The website was very basic but I had done it. As I went on, the software got cheaper, I bought a dedicate website builder and I got better at as did my website, but more imprtantly, I got attention.
As the technology improved and the site looked more polished with each update. Fellow actors and friends started to notice and commented on how professional it looked. They began asking me to do theirs for them, and knowing they too were in a similar position financially, Having been and still currently in the fortunate position of having another profession and being a semi-pro actor, I am able to make sure that others in a similar position that I was in, can afford it without breaking the bank and allowed them to concentrate on doing their job without distraction. I still use that ethos today.

As well as a full website, I came up with 'Actorpage' a single page profile for actors, performers or creatives who with just a single page, can showcase their talents, skills and media online for a fraction of the cost of a full website. Some of which have gone on to upgrade to a full website and have gone from strength to strength in their careers, though I have to admit that's it's more to do with their talent and tenacity than my web building skills, but I like to think, I played my small part in that.
If you think I can help get you an online presence, please drop me a line.
There is absolutely no obligation. I can offer advice and guidance, even if it's just a general enquiry, always happy to help.