Two In A Bed Theatre Company
Performed as part of the Theatre in Isolation project

Written by Joe Walsh and Libby Hall, perhaps the two most exciting young writer / performers on the Manchester scene presently, this was a series of three vignettes using the same set-up. A father and a son on a Zoom chat whilst they watch a football match on TV in their own respective rooms.

The father (Steve Cain) is the typical working class bigotted and opinionated football fan. He doesn't really listen to his son. He hears the words, but doesn't really listen. He is more concerned at shouting abuse at the footballers or the referee on the TV screen. The son (Nathan Lee) desperately wants to connect with his father and tell him something... something he should already have known, but he chose to ignore the signs. Eventually he plucks up the courage and announces that he is gay. The final vignette shows a changed father. He has come to terms and accepted this, and admires and loves his son perhaps more now, ending with the two things he had hitherto been unable to do, tell him that he loved him and call him by his name, Jake.

I liked the idea, but sadly due to the nature of the filming I found it a little too much at times. The juxtaposition between the football matches and need for a heart-to-heart conversation worked at odds with each other over the medium of social media video calling. The piece might work much better on a stage and set in the same room with father and son sitting together on the same settee.

Enjoyable and well performed (especially Cain), but not optimal in this format.

Reviewer - Matthew Dougall.
Written by Phil Pearson and performed by Steve Cain
Performed as part of the Theatre in Isolation project

A sympathetic monologue. A nice picture of a middle-aged man and a fond memory of hisd ad (and his wig!). It's the kind of anecdotal story which gets passed on through generations of a family, and keeps their memories alive. Touching, and sensitively interpreted by Steve Cain.

Reviewer - Matthew Dougall
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